Who We Are

We are educators, designers, and technical developers joined by a passion to increase educational resources and communities of shared practice to help promote quality learning opportunities for all.

Our Work Together

One Learning Community believes that equitable access to high quality education is the key to social progress for all communities. Working together we’ll support your efforts to:

  • Connect leadership teams with the day to day work of practitioners.
  • Build and grow thriving educator communities of practice.
  • Amplify the impact of your professional development programs.
  • Deliver diverse, open learning resources into the hands of teachers and learners.


Women Owned Small Business (WOSB)

DUNS Number: 117406515

CAGE Code: 8H1G7

SAM Registration: J24ZKM1SPAK1

NCAIS: 541511

Beyond our extensive experience across all levels of education, we work to align our diverse technical expertise to optimize your agency’s efforts in the following ways:


Organize your agency’s resources using program, curriculum, and initiative terminology and tags specific to your state or organization.


Advanced resource indexing allows you to guide the right information and content to the right teams at the right time.


Provide your program and division teams powerful tools to coordinate their resources with the field-based agencies, teams, and practitioners.


Get deep insights on resource performance, usage and adoption through the platform’s anaslysis capability.


Allow your leadership teams to organize and curate purpose-built repositories of their own communities of practice.


Enable local teams to create their own regional and district specific repositories and shared micro-communities.

Team Leads

The One Learning Community Leadership Team represents decades of experiences across diverse domains and management of projects that have touched every level of educational practice, educational technology, and technical project management and production.

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